Board of Directors

Joe Houde
Joe Houde – Board Chair

Joe has worked in over 50 countries teaching seminars and consulting with business and government leaders. He has led workshops at over a dozen universities in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. He has decades of managerial business experience and has worked as a counselor for people with disabilities as well as with women and men affected by domestic violence. His educational background includes a Master of Science, Electronics Commerce; Bachelor’s in business administration from National University; and a Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara. Joe has had long-standing interest in the environment and last year completed the Climate Reality training held in Los Angeles, CA.

Marian Sedio - NCCCA Board Secretary
Marian Sedio – Board Secretary

Marian is a native Californian who as a child spent many hours exploring the hills, canyons and fields surrounding her home in San Diego. Those many wonderful experiences instilled in her a deep care and appreciation for the environment. She is motivated by her wish that her grandchildren’s generation will inherit a world where nature is valued and protected, especially from the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

Leslie Gomez - Board Treasurer
Leslie Gomez – Board Treasurer

I have always had an interest in the science of meteorology. My father was an activist also. He was an early leader in the San Diego Sierra Club. He used to tell me about the shortage of water in San Diego County and how the population was increasing so rapidly that the Colorado River couldn’t keep up. Dad also taught me about harnessing the power of sunlight. My father cared very passionately about protecting all species of animals especially apes and whales. He contributed freely to NRDC, Jane Goodall, and Green Peace. I strive to be the perfect daughter and to continue with his wish to keep the planet habitable.

Merrill Leeds – Board Member

With long-term interests in sustainability relating to science, environment, engineering and architecture, Merrill’s focus has shifted to activism as our Climate Crisis continues to unfold at an alarming rate. Formally educated in music composition, his dream of dedicating the retirement years to this passion is now playing second fiddle. He and his wife Nikki continue to develop their Vista, CA ranch as a model for regenerative technologies.

Suzanne Ryan – Board Member

Suzanne Ryan grew up in Terrace Park, Ohio where she developed a passion for conserving, protecting, and enhancing nature. Her interest is in helping form more sustainable communities where people and animals can thrive. She would love to see more planned communities like Terrace Park and Mariemont, Ohio be created.

Elizabeth Mosley – Board Member

Elizabeth is a native Californian; raised in La Jolla and resides in Oceanside. Cares deeply for our Earth; educating herself on environmental concerns and sharing that with others.

Jay Klopfenstein – NCCCA Board Member
Jay Klopfenstein – Board Member

Adjunct Professor, Apple Distinguished Educator ADE UCLA-UCSD, Higher Ed. Computer Science/Environmental Studies Educator, NASA EarthKAM Educator, Academic Recipient of Seven Year National Science Foundation Grant with the San Diego Super Computer Center, Professional Development “Citizen-Science-Campus-Climate-Applications” In-Service Program, President, Carlsbad Community Gardens Collaborative, Statewide Vice President, CalRTA Educational Foundation – “California Center for Green Schools” Certifications Outreach Program.

Phil Rogul – Board Member

Phil attended Miami U of Oxford OH for political science in the mid-1970s. And moved to Carlsbad CA in 1980 from ST Louis MO.

Mid-1980s attended SDSU for mechanical engineering.

1989 I switched directions once again – and partnered with an entrapeneurial high school friend. We created a successful business creating and selling innovative tourist products primarily geared for the National Parks of the W United States.

Took over Carlsbad Sustainability Coalition in 2014 – which had been started in 2008 by Jay Klopfenstein and Don Christiansen.

Active Sierra Club member since early 1980s. I’ve been an active conservationist and environmentalist since my boy scouting days dating to the later neolithic era.

Janis Selby Jones
Janis Selby Jones – Board Member

Janis Selby Jones is an educator, artist, and activist who advocates for common-sense single-use plastic reduction policies across San Diego County.

As a teacher-consultant with the San Diego Area Writing Project, Janis is involved in climate change lesson development at both the local and state levels, and she supports K-8 teachers as they infuse environmental literacy across the curriculum.

Janis is also a Surfrider Foundation volunteer and a Rise Above Plastics committee co-lead for the San Diego Chapter.

To connect with Janis, visit:


Instagram: @janisselbyjones #shoresweep

Facebook: @shoresweep 

Niels Lund
Niels Lund – Board Member

Niels Lund is a passionate environmental and political activist. He founded and directed the non-profit organization, Class-ACT from 1998 to 2021. During that time its three main programs were The Children’s Global Art Exchange, Microloans For Mothers, and Latrines For Life, which continues its work under new leadership building latrines for poor rural families in Cambodia.

He is an active volunteer in several local community organizations, including the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club. He’s been a Rotarian since 2001.

He holds teaching credentials (now retired) and two university degrees, and has had experience in arts administration, marketing, music production and distribution, fundraising and event planning. Earlier in his singer-songwriter career he worked many years in the creative field of performing arts for children. He founded and directed the San Diego International Children’s Festival which served the community from 1989 to1994.

He is a proud grandfather, and lives in Encinitas with his wife, Alison.