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Our Changing Climate Series
Thursday, July 11th 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Vista Library 700 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92084

What to Know About Plug-In Vehicles

Presentation by Charlie Q Johnson

Electric vehicles cost less to maintain, are zero emission, quiet, and fun to drive! Join us at this free educational event to learn about EVs and Plug-In Hybrids. You’ll have a chance to see several EVs on display, talk to EV owners and will also learn about:

  • Grants, rebates, tax incentives and discount utility rates for individuals and businesses. How you can drive electric at 1/3 the cost of gas!
  • Optimal system sizing for solar panels, energy storage and charging stations.
  • Multi-stage upgrade strategies and financing through cost savings.
  • Seven ways to install solar panels without penetrating the roof, and five that can be taken with you when you relocate.
  • Community Choice Aggregation and Green Choice imported renewables.
  • How to bypass hurdles with the HOA and landlord.
  • 42+ new EV models: SUVs, Vans, Mini-Vans, Sedans and Motorcycles.
  • The affordability of purchasing a previously owned electric vehicle.

Charlie Q Johnson is a Software Engineer and CEO of Makello. He is a dedicated researcher ofrenewable energy, Plug-In Vehicles and is a home energy efficiency expert. This event, hosted by the North County Climate Change Alliance is for educational purposes.